About ColorVibe Designs

ColorVibe Designs creates hand-marbled designs on silk and other natural fibers using a process that originated many centuries ago. We use this artistic process to create unique one of a kind silk scarves in various sizes.

How Marbled Silk Scarves Are Created

Layers of colorful dyes are applied onto a solution of water and cellulose that allows the dyes to float above the liquid. Using custom-made combs or rakes, the layers of colors can than be manipulated into unique designs. When the fabric is placed on top of the composition and absorbs the dye colors. The design is then transferred onto the silk scarf.

The images below illustrate how we make each silk scarf.

ColorVibe Designs is the creation of artist Sharon Gellerman.

Sharon Gellerman“My sense of art has been greatly influenced by my memories of the mystical landscape of Israel and by the brilliant colors of the California coast. These elements are reflected in the intricate patterns and vibrant colors of my textile designs, and I hope my finished work elicits the pleasure and excitement I experience in creating it.”

“I’ve explored the elements of my craft and experimented with dyes and colors to refine my style and designs. Working in my home studio, I’ve been able to express my design perspective and create unique custom textiles, decorative framed art and even inlay fabric designs for surfboards.”

“I also truly enjoy the artistic community that’s so much a part of living in San Luis Obispo County. The creation of art is a circle completed by the interpretation and response of the viewer, so I continue to display my work at various art fairs and festivals throughout the area. It’s my hope that my textile designs are a feast to the eyes and a lift for the spirit of all who see them.”